Using Stem Cells to Remove Acne Scars!

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At MetroMD we make use of stem cells for treating the condition of acne scarring. Many of our patients come to us with severe scarring from acne. This is acne they had when they were teenagers and may now have lived with for two or three decades. We use a very important technique of breaking the skin with a CO2 laser. We use a laser which allows portals of entry, very microscopic tiny holes in the skin, so that the stem cells may migrate down through those portals and restore the structure. What the stem cell does, once it has an access through the skin, the dermis, it will migrate down through these “portals”, we call them, and then spread out along the base of the dermis, and at the base of the floor of these acne scars. With time we see a building up of tissue; we see improvements. What we like to do is use a three-step process where we exfoliate the skin, shear off the top layers of skin, and then apply the stem cells, and then repeat the process in six to eight weeks. This is repeated for a total of three passes with the laser. It’s very effective; we see changes very rapidly. The most important thing is that patients should regard this as a three-step process, and not expect to have everything done following the first treatment. We have a very great success rate. We are very pleased with what we’re seeing, and the stem cells represent a great step forward in the treatment of acne scars. If you have questions regarding acne scarring and the use of stem cells, call us at 323-285-5300.

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