How HGH Works? By MetroMD in Hollywood.

The human growth hormone (HGH) is a popular treatment for a variety of conditions. When used medically, it is most frequently administered through the use of injections and can help promote growth in children who have a natural HGH deficiency. How Does HGH Hormone Therapy Work? HGH is produced by the pituitary gland in the


Los Angeles Intravenous Stem Cell Therapy

Intravenous Stem Cell Therapy might be new to the United States and MetroMD but this treatment has been in use for over a decade. Specifically in countries like Panama, however thanks to the Right To Try bill patients now have access to these treatments in America. This treatment involves using embryonic stem cells that are


Cell Therapy in Hollywood

Stem cell and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) are two unique treatments we offer here at MetroMD. They both serve important purposes depending on the issue we are working to treat. PRP therapy is Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, a non surgical treatment that uses a person’s own blood to treat a number of conditions. Some of


Hormone Therapy for Women in Los Angeles

At MetroMD we have seen that Women who reach middle age experience a natural decline in the production of human growth hormone (HGH). When entering the phase of menopause there is a combination of hormonal changes that can throw the normal processes of the systems in the body to tailspin. Some women go through a


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When Partners Become Parents

Being a first-time parent is a very rewarding, yet challenging journey. Couples may think they are ready to welcome a child into their family, but may not be prepared to deal with the changes that impact different aspects of their individual and family lives. People do not usually consider all of those changes in advance,


HGH Therapy in Beverly Hills

MetroMD has been serving the Beverly Hills area for over 10 years. As a leader in regenerative medicine many of our patients come to us seeking Hormone therapy. For most adults, HGH production begins to decrease as early as the age of 40. This decline of HGH production is more significant for individuals with minor


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Naturopathic Doctor in West Hollywood

Dr. Gonzalez completed a two-year residency position at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Here, he became proficient in Integrative Oncology through exposure to various disciplines and modalities. Dr. Gonzalez’s rare balance of focus and bedside manner during his residency caused him to grow very popular among his peers and patients. He


Pediatric HGH Therapy in Beverly Hills

Children suffering from Growth hormone deficiency or GHD are often much smaller than their average peers. A growth hormone deficiency can be classified when the pituitary gland is supposed to produce somatotropin, which is important for keeping your tissues, bones, and muscles healthy, as well as advance growth. The most common symptom of GHD in


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